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Zipped Home Kit

Packed with essential first aid, this handy kit keeps all 130 pieces organized and ready to use. 


Take care of Rover and Fluffy.


Great for your glove box.

First Aid for Life

Be prepared for emergencies with this sleek, durable kit filled with the first aid supplies needed to treat typical home and outdoor injuries.

A portion of the sales profits for this item will be donated to provide early breast cancer detection to those in need.



Perfect for any room in your house.


Fits nicely in a backpack.


Dry the tears, fix the ow-wee.


Stay in the game or on the field.

Ultimate First Aid Survival Kit

Be prepared with first aid and basic survival supplies in this 168-piece comprehensive soft-sided kit.

Personal Safety Pack

Keep your family members safe with this versitile safety pack. Stores easily at home, the workplace, or in vehicles.  

Outdoor Soft Bag Highly visible soft-sided  kit is perfect for hiking,camping, boating, home and auto.   
10 Unit Workplace ANSI Kit Perfect for fleets or small companies. Sturdy case with gasket keeps supplies fresh. Meets OSHA requirements and ANSI standards.    
25 Person Workplace ANSI Kit Treat typical workplace injuries with this complete first aid kit for up to 25 people. Meets OSHA requirements and ANSI standards.   
General Workplace Cabinet Meet employee first aid needs and comply with OSHA requirements with this innovative first aid solution. The cabinet is easy to monitor and restock, saving time and money.   
Deluxe Sports Kit

Treat typical sports injuries with instant cold compresses, latex-free elastic bandages, moleskin, antiseptics or traditional bandages.

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